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20 Years Experienced

Captain "J" is an Owner / Operator USCG Licensed Captain and a 20-year veteran yacht owner who has navigated various bodies of water across the U.S.  He is an ultimate water and boat loving professional who has adopted Chicago as home. 


Often referred to as a Captain's, Captain he is dedicated to assisting new boaters and committed to providing clients great “on the water” experiences!" 


Captain "J" creates a warm welcome, fun, yet safe environment for all.  And, you can expect the same level of service from all Captains navigating our vessels!

“Thank you for entrusting us with your special occasion and desired experience.  I am grateful to receive you as a customer of Aqua Therapy Yachting Experiences and pleased to welcome you aboard our privately owned luxury vessels…I know you will have an experience of a lifetime.”  

Captain "J"


Est. 2001 



Health & Safety

  • Follow Captain’s guidance and expectations.  

  • Provide undivided attention as we depart and return to the Dock or anchoring.

  • Do not stand on the swim platform while underway.

  • No sitting t on the "top edge" of aft seats

  • Keep body weight low when on the bow (front) of boat.

  • Wear life preserver or keep close while underway. Required when entering water or on float.  

  • Stay behind boat for best visibility when swimming.

  • Keep account of persons in the water. Don’t drink and swim.

  • Enter water at your own risk

  • Pick up and remove your trash at end of cruise.  Place in dumpsters at end of dock after.

*Vessel should be returned in the same condition received, or risk security deposit or additional fees.

Rules / Conduct

  • Appropriate behavior expected.

  • NO SMOKING!  or pets (of any kind) allowed.  

  • All Weapons strictly PROHIBITED.

  • Age 12 or younger must wear a flotation device at all times.

  • Over-drinking and intoxication prohibited.  

  • Arriving "over-served" for your experience?  Think again...Captain has the right to cancel trip if he/she exhibits behavior unconducive to our standards.

  • Red wine or drinks not recommended - discuss at booking

  • Yachting experiences end on time (15 min before booking ends), regardless of your party’s initial arrival & departure.

  •  Refundable Deposit required.  Will be applied to any damage, unnecessary cleaning, etc.

  • Please Read Toilet instructions on bathroom wall.  Ask for Waste Management kit if needed.  

  • No large hard-sided coolers permitted, only smaller soft-sided coolers. We may have a for use as well. 

  • No SHOES 

  • Passenger Waiver Required (See experiences section to download)

  • Swimming or Wet?  Please dry-off on Swim Platform before entering the lower cabin area and avoid sitting on lower-level salon seating with wet clothing.

It is advisable to wear a flotation device when getting in the lake.

Enter water at Your Own Risk!

*Any behavior contrary to the expectations of the Captain, USCG regulations or general safety of others, the remainder of trip will be canceled without a right to refund, and local/marine authorities may be summoned if necessary.

Everyone’s well-being is our #1 priority!

Boating is an amazing experience - As long as everyone understands and respects the rules and inherent risks of being on the water…

"Yacht Keeping"

(First Class Cleaning Protocols)

You will not find cleaner vessels than ours

Yachts are thoroughly cleaned and wiped down with disinfectant before and after every chartering experience. Additionally, we have invested in a professional sanitizing system used daily. Tough to find another business that takes cleaning to the level we do.


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